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I believe that everyone is a unique individual and have different issues.

Clients comments

Issue: Relationship: "After meeting Malcolm during a breakdown in our marriage, my husband and I attended couples counselling. Malcolm gave us the confidence to use easy, comfortable and manageable steps to support mending our relationship. The processes and methods were useful and have helped fix the things that needed fixing. Thank you Malcolm. Happier than we have ever been." Southwick woman - Feb 2019

Issue: Relationship: "Thank you Malcolm for being so supportive during my time of emotional crisis. During our sessions I have found you to be extremely reliable, accessible and resourceful during our time together to enable me to move forward." Southwick man - Feb 2019

Issue: Relationship: "Malcolm helped me greatly through a difficult issue I was trying to deal with at the time. He was obliging and understanding to my troubles in overcoming painful memories. Talking with him helped me navigate through a tangled web from my past." Southwick man - Jan 2019

Issue: Relationship: "I feel that Malcolm is an extraordinary generous and caring person which has been a huge support to me during a difficult period of my life. Going through a divorce is not easy but I feel that I have turned the corner and have a much brighter outlook on life than I did nine months ago when we first met. Malcolm has been a significant positive influence in that regard." Anonymous - Oct 2018

Issue: Relationship: "Malcolm gave us the tools to explore our issues without raising our voices. He helped us to communicate better. We had split up when we started counseling, but with Malcolm's help we are now living together and our relationship is stronger than it ever was." Anonymous - Oct 2016

Issue: Relationship: "When I first met Malcolm, I was in a bad place after the breakdown of my relationship. I was on antidepressants and had no energy to work or get up of a morning. I have suffered with depression on and off for the last 25 years. Malcolm ran through all aspects of my life including my childhood. He used various tools to help find the cause to rebuild my strength and confidence. 4 months later I am off medication and back working full time running my own business. Malcolm worked with myself and my partner to rebuild our loving relationship which is stronger than it has ever been." Anonymous - Sept 2016

Issue: Relationship: "Malcolm helped me to accept who I am and enabled me to build up trust and form relationships in the future." Brighton woman

Issue: Identity crisis: "Malcolm enabled me in time to come to terms with my identity as a gay man and to be proud of who I am. Thanks to Malcolm I am now in a new relationship, and studying for a degree." Worthing man

Issue: Depression: "Malcolm has helped me come to terms and accept my depression and helped me to develop copying strategies and focus on manageable new goals in my life in the future." Worthing man

Issue: Loss: "Malcolm has helped enable me to come to terms with my disability and believe in myself. I have now undertaken some study and have successfully got a new part time job which I really enjoy." Brighton woman

Issue: Abuse: "Malcolm has helped me to come to terms and understand why I had difficulties forming relationships and trusting people. He has enabled me to take back control in my life and form new relationships in the future." Burgess Hill woman

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