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People desire what they can’t have.

There are so many examples of why people desire what they can’t have, such as a new pair of shoes in the window with a high price tag. The sensible you think they are too expensive and walk away. The reflective you thinks I will try and find a way to afford them and save up. The risk taking you thinks I really want them and even though i can’t afford them I’m going to have them at any cost. Remember the scene from Pretty Woman, they are expensive, you won’t be able to afford them.

Receiving a rejection either before or after a dating experience makes you more desirable as you can’t have them and you want them and desire that person more than before, you will try harder for them to like and be attracted to you. My advice to you is to keep people on their toes and not be easy to date and this will make you far more desirable as well as respecting yourself this will also boost your self esteem.

I will focus on affairs & loveless relationships next time. 🙏❤️

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