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How to deal with jealousy in the relationship

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Jealousy and envy is a distructive emotion that has consequences for both parties in a relationship. These are my hot tips to deal with a  jealous or envious partner in your life.

  1. “No Action is Action in its self”.  “Doing nothing, give yourself time to breath and reflect over night and give yourself more chance to say the right diplomatic response which you can both work through”
  2. “Once you have reflected, think and feel what you want to say and practice saying it”
  3. “Talk it through”
  4. “Agree a plan to work through and improve disagreements of jealousy in a relationship”.
  5. “Make up in short make love not war”. (Live your Life Like you have Lived it before. Malcolm Bateup 2019)

No action itself has prevented wars. Keeping a cool head is vital when having the power to push the button. Our partners also know how to push our buttons. In a manipulative or controlling relationship defence mechanism manipulative behaviour and action can be used when feeling threatened from jealous.  Above all in every relationship it is vital to keep talking about your feelings of jealousy because they live and breath in all relationships even healthy ones. Next time we will focus on desire and affairs. ❤️🙏

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